Sustainability at TU Delft

TU Delft recognizes the imperative need to transition towards holistically sustainable systems, and this is underscored and omnipresent throughout research taking place within all the various faculties of the University. Furthermore, TU Delft accepts its responsibility to shine as a beacon of example, leading institutions and society alike in the pursuit of sustaining our planet.

We’re hiring!

The Green Office is looking for a student assistant (0.4 fte, 6 months) to assist with developing Sustainability Living Lab methodologies in Universities, in cooperation with Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Click here for more information.


DTU Green Challenge

The Technical University of Denmark offers TU Delft students the chance to participate in their Green Challenge, a great opportunity to showcase your work and win cash prizes, including a two-day programme and paid accommodation in Copenhagen which leads up to the conference that takes place on the 23rd of June 2017.

Read this document or visit the website of the Green Challenge for more information.

Interested? Let us know by sending an e-mail to:

Green Office

The Green Office is TU Delft’s very own department devoted to sustainability in education, research and university operations. As such, it aims to connect innovative research, education, students, employees and campus management & operations, by facilitating and implementing measures to improve the sustainability performance of the TU Delft organization as a whole. By supporting existing initiatives in their activities, setting up new innovation projects, providing information on sustainable education and organising events, we connect students with staff and the relevant stakeholders at the university who can affect change.

Get involved!

Are you interested in sustainability and do you want to make a difference on our campus? There are several ways you can join the Green Office:

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